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The Problem:

You pay someone $20 for a domain , and it's horrible. Spammed , Chinese text , Used as PBN , few RD. You have to go through so much just to get your money back, not to mention wasted time.

The Fix:

You pick out the domains that match your metrics and your high standards. If we can't pull in the domain you are looking for IT PROBABLY ISN'T OUT THERE!!!

The PRocess:

A new scraping service in which I scrape using your own Keywords. You pick how many levels deep you want to search. 2-3 (i search for domains using google , bing , yahoo)

2 is probably best for most people.

2 levels usually take approx 7-12 hrs depending on the keyword.

You configure the TLD's that you desire , For the first 20 orders I return every single domain with metrics (moz PA ,DA , Majestic TF , CF , CF/TF ratio , PR) 

We give no guarantee for how many domains you will receive , however we tend to bring in thousands in the 2 level search. Let me give you an example here

I did a scrape for the term "woodworking" I was returned with Almost 3,000 domains , found the domains I needed for my client and more (still gong through the list)of course most were of no use to me. 

This service is great for those that have higher standards, and just can't seem to find a good supplier to give them domains without rejecting the domains for spammy links , bad anchor profile , ETC.

By using this service , All the domains go to you , no one else gets your list!!! You choose the ones that you want to register!

I export csv, xml , txt  (Excel , Google Docs , OpenOffice , etc) 

I believe this works better for you because you can filter metrics using a simple spreadsheet like Google Docs for free (I can show you how) , and you can get the domains that YOU feel are good , and not leave it up to someone else to choose. Folks , there are plenty of expired domains out there with good metrics!!

I charge $40 for first keyword , each keyword thereafter will cost only $20. There is no one else doing this on SM. I'm nuts!!

Note: scraping 2 levels takes 7-12 hours per keyword usually). Sometime a little bit more.

Note:Because of the amount of time spent , there will be no refunds at all. You are in control of your domains. Every scrape is unique with my secret sauce!

Each keyword you add brings in more results. Keyword choice is what makes your personal choice unique.

Phrases count as one keyword!

"wedding photography" counts as one keyword because it's a phrase!!

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