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You Will Triple Your Results!

Ok, you are right. Cold calling is the worst way to get new business.

Now are you happy?

Now that you are right, do you have any new customers?

Website marketing is great!...E-mail marketing is wonderful!...The money you spend on SEO is definitely worth it!...Networking is terrific!

Every marketing idea you can think of is better than cold calling or
telemarketing except this one:

Sitting on the couch thinking about doing the next great marketing tactic!

Unfortunately that is what most new small businesses do nothing! All those other things cost money.

Cold calling is as close to free as you can get and is the best way to start the cash flow coming in so that you can really grow your business with technology. It also has that added benefit of getting you more comfortable in every sales situation, which really is every life situation.

Buy this gig!…Watching this 15 minute video will be the most profitable five dollars you ever spend.

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