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Small twitter tough pa70
Small twitter 99 problems


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Who among you has a PBN with a DA of 100 and a PA of 70? If you were to buy a permanent link from such a site, how  much would it cost? $60? $80? 

How about $20 for a ten-pack. Because yeah, they're tweets.

Use them for anything: your money site, your PBN articles, your web2.0 network. Boost your resources with some extra link juice.

Just send me the text for each of the ten tweets and I'll copy and paste them straight in.  I'll let you know the URL of your tweets.

NOTE: At the moment there's only the one twitter account, I'll be getting more later. So you may not want to get ten links all pointing to the same web page, spread them around a bit. But watch this space! More accounts coming soon.

AND THE OBVIOUS:  A tweet must be 140 characters or less. Please get this right before sending them to me. You may need a URL shortener but that is up to you. Thanks.

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7 months ago
Good communication and fast delivery, thanks!
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11 months ago
Thumb marketscience
11 months ago
This is really useful. Will buy again. Thanks
Thumb mewedding 2
about 1 year ago
ShanhaiKiwi is a Rockstar when it comes to high PA tweets! This is what you DO need if you are using either Syndwire for IFTT send additional juice. Cheers!
Thumb imdfdgdfages
about 1 year ago
I like it, this is legit. Will buy again. Thanks
Thumb julian venter profile picture
almost 3 years ago
Absolutely awesome service! Was delivered in a matter of minutes. Thanks!
Thumb circle me
almost 3 years ago

Glad I could help :)

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