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RSS is an extremely useful tool for backlinking. Use RSS with Social Explosion to send social signals to your properties, or submit your RSS feeds to RSS directories for extra backlinks -  there are all sorts of things you can do with them. But you're limited in how the feed looks because a feed is already pre-made according to the content of a website or subdomain. Right?

How would you like to be able to make an RSS feed out of any URLs you like? Perhaps you have lots of web2.0 properties that you're using for DAS and/or video embeds. Sure would be handy having them all spliced into one feed!

Have a feed looking like this, for example:

Joe Bloggs the Timbucktoo Lawyer

Timbucktoo Lawyer
Need a lawyer? Joe Bloggs will see you right!

Lawyer in Timbucktoo
Joe Bloggs, professional Timbucktoo lawyer

Timbucktoo Lawyers
Joe Bloggs, the best lawyer in Timbucktoo!

Timbucktoo Law Firm
Taking care of Timbucktoo's legal needs since 1997



One feed has ten entries, each with a title, description, URL, and an image (that's optional).
If you wish to have more entries in your feed, check out our extras.

You'll need to send me your titles, descriptions and URLs so I can copy and paste them. If you want me to make up the titles and descriptions myself based on keywords, check out the extras. That can be a real time-saver! 

NOTE: There's one extra for writing the standard 10 entries, and other ones in case you ordered 20 or 30 entries in your feed.

Got a picture? Get it online, give us the URL and we'll put that on the feed too!
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This was the FASTEST DELIVERY EVER! I AM SOOO HAPPY WITH IT! definitely coming back to order again and again. Seller was friendly, great at communication and the service? OH MY GOSH!!! OVER DELIVERED WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT!
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