PBNs: Niche Specific & Ready-To-Go! (5pk) + FREE Drip-Fed YouTube Auto-Embeds!

SEO/PBN Creation
7 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >


High metric expired domains



Fully set up. 


  • Choose your niche according to topical trust flow (one niche per gig)
  • All domains will have good quality metrics (see below)
  • You'll receive them in a fresh new NameCheap account with fake names and whoisguard
  • You get one year of hosting on my Host9 Reseller account
  • You'll get private nameservers, i.e. "dns1.yourdomainname.com"
  • You'll have WordPress installed and have a lovely looking website that doesn't look like a PBN  (our Wordpress guy is an OMG student so he knows what works!)
  • Your site will have pages like 'About Us', 'Terms and Conditions', 'Privacy' and 'Contact Us'
  • You'll have a collection of useful plugins to help you get the most out of your PBN
  • You'll get a FREE RSS widget in the sidebar
  • You'll get a 500w article written in good English that reads well - with a YT video and an image
  • We'll submit your site to get indexed
  • It'll be ready for you to start link-building!

ACT QUICK! Only $300 for the first three buyers, then it's going up to $400...

Decent Metrics:

  • TF: 15-30
  • CF: 15-35
  • DA: 20-30
  • PA: 15-30
  • RD: 10-150

Useful Plugins:

  • Link Privacy - to keep your PBN hidden
  • Wordfence Security - to keep hackers from ruining everything
  • Google XML Sitemap for Videos - to help you rank like a boss
  • And more!

NOTE: To avoid footprints, we switch up some of the less necessary or irreplaceable plugins so they're not present in every blog.

Our Packages:

Buy 5 at $60 each, great price! http://bit.ly/SK84-5pbns
Buy 10 at $58 each, save $20! http://bit.ly/SK84-10pbns
Buy 20 at $56 each, save $80! http://bit.ly/SK84-20pbns
Buy 50 at $54 each, save $300! http://bit.ly/SK84-50pbns


If that was all, this would already be a fantastic gig! But we like to save you as much time and energy as we possibly can, so you can spend less time doing the tedious work and more time making money. That's why we're adding in a special feature at NO ADDITIONAL COST:


Got a YouTube channel? How would you like it that every time you upload a video, it automagically gets embedded on each of your PBNS? Description and all.

Does your channel already have lots of videos? Each of them will be drip-fed onto your PBN. Tell us whether you'd like them posted each day, every 3 days, once a week - whatever rate you want. It's up to you how often your PBNs will post a video, specific to the minute. 

Got more than one channel? You can have as many as you like, we don't mind! When you order, just let us know your YouTube channel/s and how often you'd like the embeds to drip feed onto your PBNs.

*                               *                               *                               *                               *                              


Logos: Make your PBNs even more natural-looking with a unique logo. Stylish!

Facebook Page: Have a Facebook page built for each one of your PBNs, with header images and avatars etc. We'll make you admin and then you can cut us off as admin. We'll set up an IFTTT recipe to post every blog post on the fanpage wall automatically! 

Twitter Page: Have a Twitter page built for each of your PBNs, with header images and avatars etc. We'll set up an IFTTT recipe on a new IFTTT account to tweet every blog post automatically.

Note: No adult niches, sorry

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Hi! I'm Brad Mason, from New Zealand. I love doing SEO, SEM, and YouTube type stuff. My main passion is automated link-building using expired sub-domains. Check out my gigs!