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Need some insight as to how well your on-page SEO is doing?

This gig is great for anybody who wants a pretty PDF to show off to your clients the hard work that you've put in on their site.

It's also great if you just don't feel like opening a Moz Pro account, but you want to grade your on-page SEO.

With whatever the case, I'll use my Moz Pro account to grade one page of your website and give you the report (the report comes in PDF format).

Your on-page SEO report includes the following information:

  • Checks for keywords in the page title.
  • Checks for keyword stuffing in the page title.
  • Checks for keyword stuffing in the content.
  • Checks if your alt tags use keywords.
  • Checks the page description.
  • Grades you on the amount of characters in your content.
  • Grades you on the number of words in your content.
  • Checks for too many external links
  • Checks the URL length.
  • Checks the page title length.
  • Checks for proper canonicalization.

(the report actually includes a little more info, but that's the meaty parts of it)

So what do you get exactly?

For $2 you get one page graded with one keyword. However, check out the gig extras!

+$2 get 3 pages graded total
+$5 get 8 pages graded total
+$5 get up to 3 keywords checked with your on-page grading (3 reports)

Need more grading? Send me a message and we'll work something out.

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