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7 High Quality PLR Articles Done For You
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Buyers In This Niche Are Desperate For A Solution!

This is a limited re-release and only a lucky few will get their hands on these.  I previously personally wrote and sold these, but less than 10 packs were originally purchased, so they aren't articles that have been passed around and around and around. 

My original lack of sales is your gain, because you're getting a doozy. 


The “Save Your Marriage” niche is full of DESPERATE and HUNGRY Buyers. When you talk about hot-button niches, this is one of THE hottest.

Trying to figure out how to save their marriage is keeping them up at night, it’s the last thing they think about before going to bed and the first thing they think about when they wake up.

With over half of marriages ending in divorce in the US, the market is HUGE.

Just one of the products in this niche has sold over 73,000 copies with conversion rates often exceeding 6.5%. Not to mention a pretty sweet commission (see attached).

When you purchase today you will get instant access to the following articles:

*Three Things Not To Do When Your Spouse Asks For A Divorce – 344 Words

*Your Spouse Wants A Separation – What Do You Do Now? – 419 Words

*Saving Your Marriage Even When You Are The Only One Trying – 394 Words

*The Marriage Counseling Myth – 474 Words

*Stop Calling, Stop Texting And Stop Emailing If You Want To Save Your Marriage – 440 words

*Three Tips To Surviving A Separation – 437 Words

*Stop Blaming Your Spouse And Start Listening - 400 Words

Here’s a sample of one of the articles (please keep in mind this is only a portion of the actual article):


The Marriage Counseling Myth

Ask anyone what he or she thinks you need to do about your marriage problems and the common answer you will get is: “You should go to counseling.” Seriously, the majority of people you know will probably utter this sentence without thinking twice about it.

Marriage counseling has its benefits. That is of course if you find the right counselor who fits your needs as a couple. This is also assuming that the both of you are willing to work things out and take the advice given, to heart. The natural assumption is that marriage counseling will fix your marriage, unfortunately that is just not the case. Ask any divorced couple that went to marriage counseling what they think. That’s a joke of course.

The statistics speak for themselves. The New York Times reported that two years after attending marriage counseling, a fourth of the couples surveyed stated that they were actually worse off . Are you ready for another alarming stat? After four years a little over a third of the couples were divorced….


What can you do with these articles?

*Use them on your website

*Use them as single blog posts

*Package them up and create your own report

*Break them up and create your own AR series

*Use them as a script for a video

*Create a power point video using the content as bullet points

*Use them on Social Media

*Read and record the content and create a podcast

PLR Rights – I only have two requests when it comes to these PLR articles:

[1] Don’t put my name on them

[2] Don’t resell them as PLR

If you are looking to build a list, then I've got you covered as well.  Just click extra and I'll send you the email autoresponder series I wrote to go along with these as well.

Ready to Buy?  Click the link above!

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