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Tired Of Sales Letters That Just Don't Convert?
Want A Video That Can Increase Conversions?
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(Thanks for stopping by!  For a short time, I'm temporarily discounting this service by 50%!!!)

I knew that traditional sales letters just weren't cutting it any longer

Though I had seen blog post after blog post, article after article, and statistic after statistic stating that video sales letters convert MUCH better than traditional long form sales letters, I still refused to believe it.

Until I spoke to my 15-year old son, then the light bulb went off.

I asked him where he would go to find a review, he said YouTube.  Wait, not Amazon?


How about if you wanted to buy something. 

Same answer. 

And the same answer over and over and over.  The he said "No one reads any more, they'd rather just watch a video."

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!

YouTube has replaced Amazon and traditional long form sales letters. 

Video just converts.  Plain and simple.  Don't believe me?   

Think about your habits, would you rather watch or read?

If you KNOW you need a video sales letter, but just don't know how to set one up, then you are in the right place.

All you need to do is order here and I'll set it up for you.  You see, in order to get your video sales letter done you need three moving parts.  Three VERY BIG moving parts:

1)  Sales copy written by someone who knows what they are doing
2)  Professional and engaging voice over
3)  Technical skills to create the slides, with page breaks at the right place AND skills to lay the audio voice over track to match the slides as they progress

This is all time consuming and you neither have the time, energy or above mentioned skill set.

I do. 

Check out the video up top to see a sample.

There's really only one benefit you need to know about and it's this...

Video Sales Letters Convert Better Than Sales Letters

Wondering what you get when you work with me?  Here's what some of my clients have said:

If you want to see more, you can see them here:

So what I have for you today is a done for you Video Sales Letter service.  

This all in one offer will take my years of writing experience, combined with my professional voice and technical skills to create a video sales letter that will help you convert visitors and prompt them to take the action you want.  

Whether it's to buy something, sign up for your newsletter or visit another link.  

Video just converts plain and simple.  

While you may be thinking, how can plain text on a white background with a voice over REALLY convert?

Because it does.  It's been tested by Big Name Marketers like Ryan Deiss who has proven that they just work.  He says they work because it hits two senses - Your Eyes and Ears.  

Here is what I have for you today.  For the low price of $499, I will create your sales copy, create the video and voice over and even upload it to a YouTube account for you so all you need to do is copy and paste the link.

The $499 will cover approximately 1,000 words of sales copy.  If you need a longer video and copy, just select that extra below.

Look, I don't need to explain the amount of time and skill is needed to create these videos.

Try recording your voice and read just a few hundred words and you'll see just how difficult it is.

You don't have the time or energy to do it, so let me take care of it for you.

I can only offer it at this lower rate for a short time, so please take advantage of the price while it's low.

if you aren't happy with it whatsoever, let me know and I'll do my best to get it just right or will refund you, deal?

Click The Order Button Up Top And Let's Get Started!

You're here because you know you need a Video Sales Letter, and have already done the research and know it'll convert.  

If you click away, you'll be missing out on an opportunity that could affect your sales and conversions, but hey if that doesn't bother you then no worries and I wish you luck.

P.S. Like I said, the amount of time and work that goes into these videos won't allow me to charge such a low rate for a long time.

P.P.S.  I honestly am not sure how many of these projects I can take until I pull this ad, so if you are seeing this then you are in luck.  Don't delay...

Click The Order Button Up Top Now!    

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